The performance proposes a game where news paper that receives the impression of daily facts is used and transformed though a poetic perspective from each artist. The choreography evolves through a flowing circular movement, where the production of waste is constant.

An integration between improvisation, live music, dance, physical theater, art and video design.

8 artists from different disciplines and regions around Brazil had the first physical meeting live on stage, the performance and concept was created virtually through emails, skype and videos. The interaction of the camera and it’s visual mobility tries to register each particularity. This is to give the possibility of new angles, movements, dimensions and points of view. The set design comprises 500 kilos of newspapers, which serve both as information source and material for the interpreters. Waste in Process 1 was part of Festival de Inverno da Dellarte.

Artistic director and performer: Leandro Zappala
Performer and costume: Anna af Sillén de Mesquita
Performer: Alessandra Zappala
Performer: Andrés Barrera
Performer: Marcelo Caldas
Musician: Léo Rugero
Sound designer: Edson Secco

Co-producers: QUARTO in association with Dellarte.
Sponsors: TIM, ABC, FIRJAN, FUNARTE, Culture foundation of Petrópolis, Imperial museeum of Petrópolis, VISA, FURNAS
Premiered: Teatro Dom Pedro, Petrópolis – Rio de Janeiro, June 6 2006.